I am Ludmila Grecco, but you can call me

I am a UX Designer, but before that, I was a marketing and advertising specialist, mainly within corporate marketing in global companies - such as Fiat Group. Advertising provided me with a broad dexterity of relationship between customers and the brand. Marketing provided me with solid skills to gather customers for the long haul by ensuring long-term brand affinity and business loyalty. UX Design opened a new door for this relationship between business and customers, and as a professional, recreated for me a purpose - to create experiences that are impactful, intuitive, and helpful.

As a human, I was born in São Paulo, Brazil. I lived abroad in different countries since 2015, and I believe my ability to quickly adjust to new challenges in life comes from that. I love music festivals, concerts, or even a small gathering with only an acoustic guitar, and since I moved to the UK, I learned in the hard way to always be prepared - "Never make your plans around the British weather".

Owing to my diverse background, I embrace all cultures and try to bring them to the designs I create.